• Choro Session

  • So, 06.09.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Jonny Turista
    Mauritiussteinweg 74
    50676 Cologne
Choro Session - Jonny Turista - Köln

“The New Orleans Jazz of Brazil”

Morgana Moreno - flute, Marcelo Rosário - guitar, Roman Sielert - pandeiro

  • and special guests!

Free entrance

  • “Choro” (which means “to cry” in Portuguese) is a Brazilian style that is older than Bossa Nova or Samba and it is a genre often referred to as “The New Orleans Jazz of Brazil”.

It was born in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th Century, a result of mixing polkas, waltz, mazurkas and African-Brazilian rhythms such as the Lundu. Poor people, most of them former slaves and mestizos, put together their own musical style with instruments like flute, clarinet, guitar, cavaquinho, and light percussion.

Improvisation and syncopation are key hallmarks of Choro. Just like jazz, blues, and ragtime, “Choro” melds formalized structures seamlessly with cultural elements from all over the world.