• 1 st. James Allan's Punch-my-line English Stand Up Comedy Show

  • So, 15.03.2015 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Café Central Köln
    Jüliche Straße 1
    50674 Cologne
1 st. James Allan's Punch-my-line English Stand Up Comedy Show - Café Central Köln - Köln

English Stand up Comedy Host James Allan Kirthy Iyer, Julius Carter, Tom Franklin

RESERVATION RECOMMENDED This is the first of the new stand up comedy show PUNCH-MY-LINE English speaking comedy. Three Top Comedians and Host James Allan kick off. No limits. Fun comedy. Sunday afternoon. It may be afternoon but comedy is not Politically correct. These Comedians have fun and The PC in this show only means Past Caring. Leave the children at home.

There is good food and a wonderful friendly multilingual service team.

To be sure of a seat reserve your ticket. Cafe Central tel: 0221 2071520

Entry is €5

Kirthy Iyer stand up comedian and producer of the first English stand up comedy night in Frankfurt. A median height Indian guy born to South Indian parents, raised in North India, studied at a Film School in Canada and resident in Germany for eight years creating computer games! That's enough questionable information for the TSA to select him for a random security check at the airport, every time. Lucky him! He is a comedian who does observational humor, ethnic humor and shares aspects of his personal life.

Julius Carter Hailing from NY Julius is a veteran of love and war. Reporting and inquiring on current events and social constraints he finds the funny in life.

Tom Franklin All the way from Baltimore, Maryland, Tom finds the absurdity, oddity, and just plain Bullshit in his everyday understanding of this incarnation in which space time plays a major factor.