• Open Session

  • Do, 06.12.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • ZAIK
    78-90 Poller Kirchweg
    51105 Cologne
Open Session - ZAIK - Köln

The OPEN SESSION is an open exchange for dancers of every style who are looking for new impulses. The idea of the OPEN SESSION is to bring together people who regularly practice a certain dance style or are into any kind of movement.Every FIRST FIRST THURSDAY of the month :-)WHEN & WHERE?+++Thursday 06. December 201820:00 - 22:00 hZAIK @ Quartier am Hafen, Cologne -> Studio/Tanzatelier 11To get in the building please press "011" for the doorbell.+++WHAT EXACTLY?+++The session either starts with a warm up & brief technique input given by a dancer of the MichaelDouglas Collective, nutrospektif or a guest dancer, which then merge into a free practise. Or can be straight up a free practise session. Feel free to dive in to exchange with everybody, work on your own material or the given input. The group might also collect ideas and work on them together.All in all, the core is: the OPEN SESSION lives from the people who are joining it, which as well means that every session a different dance style or movement approach gives inspiration.The session is OPEN to every dancer and FREE. nutrospektif is organizing the OPEN SESSION on a non profit basis, in cooperation with ZAIK. We’re so thankful for the growing community and that we can still offer this platform without any fee. To show a little appreciation, we have a tip box at each session which is for the person who gives input that day. So at least a bit of the travel costs and expenses can be covered. We’re happy about every support for this person who shares time and knowledge with us. THANK YOU ALL! INPUT by: Theresa HuppCOME AROUND, TELL YOUR FRIENDS & HAVE FUN! :-)-------OPEN SESSION is organized by nutrospektif in cooperation with ZAIK.#nutrospektif #zaik