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  • Mi, 27.05.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
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Fairytape - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Köln


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« Sweet Bubble Gum Indie Folk » that’s how the music of Fairytape could be described as it is catchy and sticking to your mind like a sweet bubble gum to your mouth. After 3 years of performance and songwriting under the name of « Lili On Acoustic », Lili achieved to create her own and unique style as a complete “Do It Yourself” artist. This French artist is sharing her pop-folk songs accompanied by her guitar and her smoothly voice only, uncovering a sensitivity and a charm like rarely seen elsewhere. Reminding us in every song that one life is not enough to reach one’s dream, Fairytape seems – nevertheless – to be managing it pretty well.