• Cinéma de Résistance: aux ateliers de Paris

  • Do, 23.04.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Schalten und Walten
    Sömmeringstr. 47 a
    50823 Cologne
Cinéma de Résistance: aux ateliers de Paris - Schalten und Walten - Köln

SCHALTEN AND WALTEN proudly presents:

Cinéma de Résistance : aux ateliers de Paris

Donnerstag, 23. April 08:00 pm

Super 8 and 16mm experimental Films from Paris.

program curated by our dear friend Stefan Grabowski (Balagan Film Series Boston,USA)

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Cinéma de Résistance: aux ateliers de Paris

L'Abominable and l'Etna, the two artist-run film labs of Paris, stand at the forefront of a global movement. As and increasing number of commercial laboratories end their operations, the means of those dedicated to working in the photochemical mediums of Super-8 and 16mm (among several other formats) are thrown into question. Largely out of necessity, the filmmaker must take on the dual role of artist and technician. Yet through this imperative many creative doors are opened, as the filmmaker is given the freedom to experiment and fine-tune their craft in ways not afforded to them by the traditional practice of having a commercial lab working as an intermediary.

Marcel Duchamp once said that, “A tube of paint that an artist uses is not made by the artist; it is made by the manufacturer that makes paints. So the painter really is making a readymade when he paints with a manufactured object...” Observed in such a way, film is even more of a prefabricated medium, relying heavily on industrial manufacturing practices and a strict uniformity of the final product. Yet one could make a comparison of the DIY approach of these labs being almost like a return to mixing one's own paints from raw pigments, thus allowing certain levels of nuance not be had when working solely with pre-mixed colors. Filmmakers are liberating themselves from the industry on some level by taking control of processes that were until recently outside their domain.

The works in this program represent just a small sampling of those created by filmmakers working at l'Etna and l'Abominable, but the hands of the filmmakers can truly be felt in each film. Several of the films are hand-processed originals, in fact – ephemeral and unique, building a history with each successive showing as they persevere against the dust, the scratches, and the ravages of time that leave so many video formats obsolete.


Folia,Victor de las Heras & Anaïs Ibert, 2014

Como Crece la Sombra Cuando el Sol Declina, Camilo Restrepo, 2014

Dead Seas, Tomaž Burlin, 2013

The Action, David Matarasso, 2012

Terminus For You, Nicolas Rey, 1996

Ether, Philippe Cote, 2003