• Double Bill / THE VIRGIN'S VOICE & Dotology of my Penis

  • Sa, 13.12.2014 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • TanzFaktur
    Siegburger Straße 233w
    50679 Cologne
Double Bill / THE VIRGIN'S VOICE & Dotology of my Penis - TanzFaktur - Köln

The Virgin ́s Voice | Reut Shemesh & Tripletrips | Dotology of my Penis

The Virgin ́s Voice fragt nach Rollenbildern, die für eine Frau in westeuropäischen Gesellschaften (noch) Gültigkeit haben. Obwohl frei und emanzipiert, haftet der Frau immer noch die Rolle des schwachen Geschlechts an. Liegt dieses Phänomen in der Natur der Menschheit und der Geschlechter? Unterstreicht der Wunsch, eine starke Frau zu sein, die eigene Schwäche? Mit dem Bildern des Fallens und Haltens nähert sich die Choreographin Reut Shemesh mit ihren drei Tänzerinnen Zuschreibungen, Rollen und Konzepten von Schwäche und Stärke.

Choreographie: Reut Shemesh Tanz: Lisa Kirsch, Hannah Platzer, Ieva Navickaite Musik: Simon Bauer Kostüm: Anna Kilian Management: Judith Mayer

The Virgin’s Voice wurde gefördert durch die Stadt Köln, das tanz.tausch festival, Atelier Quartier am Hafen, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln.

http://tanzfaktur.eu/buehne/termine/ http://www.reutshemesh.com/


The piece constists of two soli , which where created individually and performed seperately in Cologne. DOTOLOGY is performed and choreographed from Nikos Konstantakis and MY PENIS TOLD ME I AM STUPID from Markus Tomczyk. Both choreographies used the same techniques and methods in order to be developed. Althought they deal with different themes , they have a lot of similarities and parallelisms. Both soli locate the male body on the stage as a tool for research and experiment. For the performance in the festival the two soli will be specifically together reframed focusing on the differencies and the possible overlapping. The two choreographies would be presented as one, one next to the other , one over the other and one against the other.

My Penis Told Me I Am Stupid

What constitutes the male body has it´s own life. It becomes a word. It will have priority, it reflects, it tuts and arraignes. What happens if it runs through the whole body? I have to gag if i won´t be other-directed. This solo is an engagement with the male body, it fights with its sense drive/desire. It is surching for enjoyment of the body and creates unintended pictures of aim. It puts the male body into the space to let it react to itself. It is surching for the creation of an icon of the own person. And finds similarities of the godly being. Urged of the fight against the nature, new neutral material is comming up. Movement, breath, sweat. Body, show, being. Human, victim, god.

Dance and Choreography: Markus Tomczyk Premiere: 09.07.2014 integrated in the dance piece „Ava & Edam“, Arkadas -Bühne der Kulturen, Cologne


A man welcomes the audience. Black floor. The light is soft but strong enough only to regocnise what is going to be presented on stage without creating any atmosphere. The man goes through the choreography, which was based on the philosophical theory of Aristotels and was developed by stepping on modern sociological theories. The dramaturgy focus on these philosopical aspects and presents the social comments on the term “point”. The point as a station , an end , a completion and a perfection. The point g, the social stigmata , the meeting point, the point of contact , the point of collision and the boiling point. The end of time , the Teleology and the Integration. The dancer executes with attentiveness the choregraphy, discores and experience in the same moment the effects on his body , on the audience and on the performing space. It is all about handling these effections and the feel the moment of making.

Dance and Choreography: Nikos Konstantakis Premiere: 17.04.2014 Festival Plattform HR 2014, Zagreb Cologne-Premiere: 20.05.2014 Studiotheater ZZT

TRIPLETRIPS are the actors and performers Nikos Konstantakis and Markus Tomczyk. They both finished the Masterprogram “Dance Dissemination in Contemporary Context” in the Hochschule for Music and Dance in Cologne. They combine together the akademic knowlegde with performing experience of many years in the field of theater and dance. Until now they presented their own projects in Cologne at the Quartier am Hafen, the Center of Contemporary Dance , Arkadas Theater der Kulturen der Welt , the Orangerie Theater and the Designquartier Ehrefeld. In the same time they performed and collaborated with artists in France , Greece , Croatia , Netherlands and Belgium.

They won the first price in the WEST OFF 2014 with the performance MEAT MARKET which they first presented under the frame of the fünfzehnminutenfestival in studiobühneköln.They work together on the common basis of acting , widened from the experience in dance, physical theater and the performance’s principles.

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