• Sofia Dragt

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Sofia Dragt - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Köln

”Singer / Songwriter" Club AK: 6,-

The natural world has a significant influence on Sofia Dragt. In her opinion music is far more than just sound. Imagery and atmosphere play just as vital a role. Not surprising then that she draws inspiration for her style from a particularly extraordinary hobby: hanggliding. The tone of each song is masterfully colored by Sofia’s own piano accompaniments. Her classical training, which began at the age of five, forms the basis of her art form. Sofia wrote her first song when she was twelve and she and the music have developed together ever since.

Sofia played as the support of Dotan, Lucky Fonz III and Wallis Bird. Her first single ‘Cloud Chase’ was released in January 2013 and her first EP ‘Over Rainbows’ was available in May 2013 on iTunes and Spotify.

Sofia Dragt won the first price at a National music competition called ‘de Grote Prijs van Nederland’ in the Netherlands in 2013. In March 2014, she released her single Till It’s Over and she released her debut album in October 2014.