• Constrict | Witness The Fall | Heartfelt

  • So, 30.11.2014 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Autonomes Zentrum Köln
    Luxemburger Str. 93
    50939 Cologne
Constrict | Witness The Fall | Heartfelt - Autonomes Zentrum Köln - Köln

CONSTRICT - Barcelona Straight Edge! https://www.facebook.com/xconstrictx Heavy 90’s hardcore punk, fueled by anger, deception and the straight edge. For fans of Chokehold, Strife, Unbroken or early Integrity.

WITNESS THE FALL - Old School Metalcore from Brabant https://www.facebook.com/WitnessTheFall666 Witness the fall produces tight metalcore in the veins of Dead blue sky, Skycamefalling and This day forward. Metallic battle-axed guitar-riffs, pulverizing bass-rhythms, top-notch tight drums and a fierce voice with melancholic lyrics.

HEARTFELT - 90ies Metalcore from Belgium https://www.facebook.com/heartfeltcore 5 kids from Alken, Belgium, playing 90's influenced metalcore.

Show will start early for the working class!