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ANDY KASSIER – the secret to my success - Vintage Emde - Köln

Andy Kassier the secret to my success

Finissage 10.07.2015 8:00 pm

Vintage Emde Bismarckstrasse 56 50672 Cologne

They say god is a weight. A weight too heavy to lift for mortal man. They were right. No one ever lifted that weight. Because no one tried. Because no one believed. : This is my story.

He who is not a real man – only he will let someone else write his story down. Only he who is not worth his own way, his own golden-shaped intellect and not worth the sweat under his feet. But this is different. There is no Biographer, no ghostwriter, no grammar checking. This is entirely different. This is me himself telling you about: mine.

Life is not about finding yourself. It´s about creating yourself. It isn't following. It´s walking ahead; even ahead of your own imagination. Thus, I wasn´t just born – I was being chosen to create, chosen to become new. Since late childhood I mastered algebra and computer-based algorithms, mastered thought, pussies, money and fame. I was complete before most man have touched their grown up balls for the first time. I wasn't at the top of the mountain. The mountain vanished. I was beyond, I needed to fly to feel my true ground, I needed to make myself more than I could become, more than any man ever was. In short: I ve had to become myself. I saw me taming lions, being reborn in Cheops chamber or walk the holy grounds of Palenque – you might call it dreams, call it fantasy or hallucinations, but I, I: I call it visions. Not everyone senses and sees their potential. Not everyone has the spirit and the talent either. Not all are chosen, in fact, no one is chosen: you choose yourself once you become ready to be chosen. There is light. Light not in an wordly sense. I lost my parents early. My mother died when I was born – I could feel her energy spilling into mine, I saw her being in one great line of woman like Nofretete, Maria Magdalena, Cleopatra. She gave me all she got, left it for my life, and my father died shortly after. He taught me the one line I will never forget, the words that formed my future as if they were my body and mind. „Andy“, he said, „go get what is yours!“ Thus, I am here. I am here to stay.

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