• Ceschi (USA) / Theoretic (USA/D) / icon The Mic King (USA)

  • Do, 25.06.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Sonic Ballroom
    Oskar-Jäger-Strasse 190
    50825 Cologne
Ceschi (USA) / Theoretic (USA/D) / icon The Mic King (USA) - Sonic Ballroom - Köln

http://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/broken-bone-ballads http://soundcloud.com/theoreticbars https://www.facebook.com/pages/iCON-the-Mic-King/110204979102


Kumpel von Astronautalis, kann also nur gut werden... New Haven CT's Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos makes his own version of progressive hip hop spliced with elements of folk & indie rock. Although he has almost "mathy" technical rap abilities he's first and foremost a singer-songwriter at heart. Although one Ceschi song may consist of punk influenced machine gun fast raps, the next may be a quiet folk ballad played on acoustic guitar.

Theoretic has rocked the underground hip hop scene in Chicago since 2008. He started performing his music long before he began recording, jumping from mic to mic all across the metropolitan and suburban areas. On his first legitimate performance, he opened up for The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, and Estelle in Racine, WI. From that day on he dedicated himself to fuse his poetry with music and hip hop culture. He's collaborated and also shared the stage with many well established musicians including names like Ill Legit, Dario X, Blah Blah Blah, The Palmer Squares, Bob Rok, Phillip Morris, Dumbfoundead, and many more. The style of music speaks for itself. Check it out.

iCON the Mic King is not a movement. No one man is. Instead, he is the catalyst for a crusade much bigger than himself. A Renaissance is approaching. It’s a Renaissance linked to a culture that spans over a quarter century’s time. A generational art form, that rose to prominence in a well-documented creative surge in the late 80’s. A culture that achieved economic importance in the trend-minded upswing of hip hop’s popularity in the mid to late 90’s. A culture that turned inward as it subsequently collapsed upon itself, growing too big to support the rapidly swelling ecosystem. In a staggered genre that has arguably seen it’s glory days come and go, there has risen an enigmatic figure that will lead us into yet another age of artistic prosperity. Allow me to show you the many sides of the lyrical Rubik’s Cube that is iCON the Mic King.

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€