• Konzert: CUTICLE // LX SWEAT

  • Sa, 19.04.2014 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • klubgenau
    Vietorstr 59a Köln Kalk
    51103 Cologne
Konzert: CUTICLE // LX SWEAT - klubgenau - Köln

Zwei Signings des geschätzen Not Not Fun bzw. 100% Silk Labels geben sich in Köln die Ehre. File under: Synthwave / Weird House / Electronica

CUTICLE (NOT NOT FUN/ 100% Silk - IOWA CITY / USA) Cuticle's 100% Silk 12" was surely one of 2011's most beguiling outer-disco episodes. Making the short step to Not Not Fun for their solo debut proper, Cuticle unearth 'Mother Rhythm Earth Memory, a glowing space-dance-pop soul, deploying vocoder and more warped, sickly synths for an even odder follow-up experience. From the melancholy, moonlit robo-ballad intro comes the slinky but malfunctioning House groove 'Parallel' and the water-logged Boogie glyde of 'Liquid Crystal Drink (Pour My Dream)' and another pair of poky cosmic oddities. Flipside we melt into the eye-fluttering off-world disco simulacra 'Night Of Romance' while the lo-fi lysergic Matthew Dear-isms of 'Trickle' perks up before the trance-panther gait of 'Without Form'. For those who like their cosmic neo-disco with a liberal dousing of strange, look no further.


LX SWEAT (NOT NOT FUN - NRW / GERMANY) While 100% Silk helps lead the ongoing charge of cheap, well-executed house, its parent label, Not Not Fun, is exploring in more dynamic directions. The label’s adventurousness is epitomized in the German producer LX Sweat, who’s got touches of trap, house, screw, R&B and psychedelia

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