• GANGLION (Tokyo) im Beverly Sülz

  • So, 15.11.2015 ab 15:00 Uhr
  • Chicago Bülz
    Berrenrather Str. 377
    50937 Cologne
GANGLION (Tokyo) im Beverly Sülz - Chicago Bülz - Köln

GANGLION (Tokyo) machen auf Ihrer 2. Europa Tour halt im Beverly Sülz. Zum Akustik Konzert am Sonntag wird Euch zudem das Team vom Lucky Chocolate Maid Café mit allerlei Leckereien in die Welt japanischer Maid Cafés entführen!

Pressetext Lucky Chocolate Maid Café

♬°⋆COOL & CUTE! ⋆°♬ Das geht? Und ob! (◕‿-) Besucht den ✩ Japan Day ✩ im Beverly Sülz und überzeugt euch selbst❣ Genießt den Charme der Maids aus dem Lucky Chocolate Maid Café und die mitreißenden Songs der fantastischen J-Girlgroup ♪ GANGLION ♪ . Bei den rockigen Beats könnt ihr euren MOE-Schub beim Tanzen wieder abbauen! Vielleicht sehen wir ja auch einige Maids beim Tanzen? Lasst es Euch nicht entgehen - Die einzigartige Mischung: Coole Rockgirls und cute Maids!

Das Lucky Chocolate Maid Café ist ein Event Café und Teil der „DoKomi“ in Düsseldorf!


Pressetext GANGLION

The name "GANGLION" refers to being “the centre of creative activity". Being from Japan, one can say this band has risen from the creative centre of the Eastern world. The band creates a unique new sound that cannot be captured within a single genre.

Ganglion has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. Female fronted bands are gaining more and more popularity in Japan and Ganglion benefits from that. The ever-growing fan-base of the band makes sure that the ladies of Ganglion stay in the spotlight.

The ladies of Ganglion have been inspired by a wide variety of artists and bands. Their music is influenced by the tunes of Lostprophets, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Michael Jackson, Incubus, J-pop and V-rock. The unique sound of Ganglion caries Japanese pop music to an entire new level.

Popular producers in the Japanse rock-scene have noticed ganglion’s unique sound. Their latest album ‘Infinity’ has been produced by "YUYOYUPPE". This producer has worked with ‘Babymetal’; a band that has gained a lot of popularity and recognition by artists, fans and press all over the world. YUYOYUPPE captured the essence of Ganglion and pushed them to develop their sound. The results are magnificent. ‘INFINITY’ shows us how stimulating metal music can be. The surprising chord progressions and invigorating melodies are simply from another world. Ganglion established a unique sound that has never been heard of before.

Ganglion has played on national television in Japan. They’ve also shown their appearance at Oni-Con in the United States last fall. International interest in the band grows on a daily basis. The band is astounded by the overwhelming amount of followers that they gather on Facebook and Twitter from all over the world.



15:00 Einlass 15:00-17:00 Maid Café ab 18:00 Ganglion


VVK: 15,00€ (mail to: info@beverlysuelz.com) AK : 18,00€