• CORPS ÉTRANGERS, Festival tanz nrw, OPENING at Schauspiel Cologne, 16/4

  • Do, 16.04.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Schauspiel Köln
    Schanzenstraße 6-20
    51063 Cologne
CORPS ÉTRANGERS, Festival tanz nrw, OPENING at Schauspiel Cologne, 16/4 - Schauspiel Köln - Köln

MOUVOIRs latest creation between contemporary dance and new circus opens this years' Biennale tanz nrw at Schauspiel Köln on 16th of april, 8pm. TICKETS: Tel. 0221 - 221 28400 / E-Mail: tickets@buehnenkoeln.de

We are looking forward meeting you there!!!

Last summer Corps Étrangers wins the Performing Arts Award in Leipzig 2014. Excerpt: "One thing is for certain: an archaic, anarchical, acrobatic universe of freaks, of foreign bodies, opens up before our eyes, that, in its exceptional conceptuality and virtuosity, casts off all chains of association and that, in its prime, densest moments, presents an effective alternative, that is – and, in this case, it is accurate to state – a counter-spell to the disenchantment of the world. This production by Stephanie Thiersch and her Franco-German ensemble of artists and performers is therefore a prime example: not just of the right for the free scene to exist, which – contrary to popular belief – does not go without saying. But, above all, of an artistic potential that is capable of reflecting on life and the world in a way that – to use the same word again – is of a spiritual and aesthetic autonomy which is becoming increasingly amiss in our popular culture."

Concept/Choreography: Stephanie Thiersch; Dance/Acrobatics/Creation: Mathieu Antajan, Tim Behren, Colas Lucot, Florian Patschovsky, Valenti Rocamora i Torà; Choreographic Assistance: Viviana Escalé, Alexandra Naudet; Light Design/Technical Direction: Niko Moddenborg; Set Design/Stage: Fabien Almakiewicz; Stephanie Thiersch; Costume Design: Sabine Schneider; Dramaturgy: Anna Volkland; Sound/Composition: Emmanuelle Gibello; Photography: Martin Rottenkolber; Management: Béla Bisom; Production Management: Ines Disselbrede