• Opening: Julio Suarez at the Reisebüro Galerie

  • Fr, 04.09.2015 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Diko Reisen
    Komödienstrasse 48
    50667 Cologne
Opening: Julio Suarez at the Reisebüro Galerie - Diko Reisen - Köln

We are pleased to present Julio Suarez at the Reisebürogalerie during Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galeries (http://www.dc-open.de/).

The work of Julio Suárez (b.1947) operates in the limits between drawing and painting. His work, poetically employs the formal language of geometric abstraction to contour the presence and extension of color on a speci!c space.

His geometry though is informal and intuitive and holds no mathematic rigour whatsoever. On the contrary, the subjectiveness of his geometry allows his color !elds and monochromes to create certain tensions between the lines and forms that de!ne them; lines that are visible to the eye in the purity of their light and color play, and though subtle, invite us to pause and con!rm that what we see is in fact a place, an area and this area is nothing but light.