• OPENING: Paul Czerlitzki / Piotr Łakomy

  • Fr, 20.11.2015 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Mélange
    Sudermanstraße 2
    50670 Cologne
OPENING: Paul Czerlitzki / Piotr Łakomy - Mélange - Köln

MÈLANGE cherishes the opening of

Paul Czerlitzki / Piotr Łakomy

The upcoming exhibtion by Paul Czerlitzki (b. 1986 in Gdansk, lives and works in Duesseldorf) & Piotr Łakomy (b. 1983, lives and works in Poznan) will mark their first encounter on mutual ground. It is furthemore Łakomy´s first time being on display in the Rhineland.

What brings the two together is their shared interest in spatial interventions. Czerlitzki, mostly known for his minimalistic work with painting and Łakomy, for his strict but tender approach towards sculpture, are going to challange each others interference with the space, creating two solitary, yet interweaving installations.

in collaboration with culture.pl http://www.culture.pl/

supported by Moseljünger