• David Berkeley LIVE

  • Do, 19.03.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Café Bo
    Luxemburger Strasse 315
    50939 Cologne
David Berkeley LIVE - Café Bo - Köln

20 Uhr Eintritt: 8€

The best of the young American songwriters, a voice full of feeling and a big, big heart. And the balls to say what he thinks." —Boston Phoenix

"Dashing singer-songwriter David Berkeley delivers his warm, thoughtful songs, along with a reliably hilarious line in onstage banter." —Time Out New York "Berkeley crafts his songs like watercolor paintings. Intimate and introspective, his gentle yet colorful melodies are graceful and resonate long after the last note fades." – Creative Loafing, Atlanta

"If you're into literate soulful singer songwriters, David Berkeley is the Gabriel García Márquez of beautiful-voiced troubadours." – KRUU

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