• EAZY meets KUNSTHANDWERK | Nachtigall Club

  • Fr, 30.10.2015 ab 23:55 Uhr
  • Nachtigall
    Körnerstraße 65
    50823 Cologne
EAZY meets KUNSTHANDWERK | Nachtigall Club - Nachtigall - Köln

Nachdem der Nachtigall Club pünktlich zu den kälteren Temperaturen in neuem Glanz erstrahlt, wird ebenfalls der Einstand von der neuen Veranstaltungsreihe EAZY zelebriert.

An diesem Abend werden für Euch drei bekannte Kölner DJs die Platten kreisen lassen. Zum einen bringt Leonard Bywa, der unter anderem bekannt für das Label KUNSTHANDWERK ist und neulich erst auf dem Labeln Kallias released hat ordentlich Schwung in die Kiste, sowie die beiden ELECTRONIC LOVE und REINEKE FUCHS Residents Marcel Wolff und Eszter. Seid gespannt, was Sie für Euch von deep-House über Tech-House bis hin zu Techno in ihre Plattentaschen einpacken werden! WIR ERWARTEN EUCH IN SCHAREN! ♥

✖ Leonárd Bywa (Kunsthandwerk | Polytope Artists Berlin) https://soundcloud.com/leonardbywa

✖ Marcel Wolff - Artist Page (Reineke Fuchs | Electronic love) https://soundcloud.com/marcelwolff_artistpage

✖ Eszter (WIR Schwestern | Reineke Fuchs) https://soundcloud.com/esztermusic

Friday, 30th October open doors. 11.55 pm entry club. 7€ Körnerstraße 65 50823 Köln Ehrenfeld

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✖ LEONARD BYWA Rhythm in a special way. Gritty but tuneful. Concise, analogue synthesizer with devotion for acoustic drumming – catching the audience as a connoisseur of self-liquidating harmonies and more diversified climaxes in the arrangements of his productions. Leonard Bywa can be best described as humorous, open-minded, forthright but sceptical, whereby his sound is always lost between space and time. On a gest through a mixture of impartiality for many various types of influences and self-critical traits to an honest sound, not too cheerful. With some classic instrumental trainings at an early age Leonard got in touch with performing music on stages first time. Direct route to electronic music with 16 years – founding his own label kunsthandwerk, a label based in Cologne, including artists like Talul, Tim Engelhardt, Moritz Guhling, SoloWg, Sandro Golia or No Sé Leon, with his mate Dayton at the age of 21. Not to forget his productions like ‘Blondes’, ‘Natous’ or ‘Tate’ and other releases on different labels, which open doors and enable Leonard admission in the world of House and Techno. Tuneful, technoid pulse in spirit of the time.

✖ MARCEL WOLFF His passion for music already showed at an early age when he expressed his feelings by playing the piano and the violin. For a long time he exclusively played vinyl and finally got the chance to prove his skills in the U60 club in Frankfurt am Main that was famous all over Europe for being the successor to club Omen owned by techno-legend Sven Väth himself. He describes his sound as Tech-House & Techno with a love for rolling basslines, incisive hi-hats and melodic synthesizers that keep fascinating the crowd. After moving to Cologne in 2013 he was able to receive bookings from many different locations (Reineke Fuchs, Odonien, Butan Club and many others).

✖ ESZTER More likely described as lively, behind turntables Eszter turns into a concentrated perfectionist. Being a vinyl lover, she only plays vinyls from the very beginning of her DJ career. Influenced by her early musical education and piano lessons, she developed an intense relationship with music, a keen sense of harmonies, timbres and an excellent sense of rhythm. She is very precise in what she does and dedicates herself with almost meticulous devotion to the design and composition of her sets. Her music ranges from deep house over house music and tech house rhythms to clear techno sounds.