• Taking Swift 2.0 for a spin

  • Do, 21.01.2016 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • ThoughtWorks Köln
    Lichtstr. 43c
    50825 Köln Cologne
Taking Swift 2.0 for a spin - ThoughtWorks Köln - Köln

With the latest WWDC, Apple announced Swift 2.0. This new version has even better performance, a new error handling API, and first-class support for availability checking. And platform APIs feel even more natural in Swift with enhancements to the Apple SDKs.

Rather than just running only in an Apple environment, it will also run on an Unix environment and will be open sourced later this year.

This years Github survey already placed Swift on the first place of programmers favourite languages.

This talk will take the attendees (beginner to expert) for a spin through the new language features, as well as Xcode 7.0 IDE features. We will give a lot of hands on tipps and tricks, from our experience (> 1 year) with Swift in a production environment.

Afterwards we will have a hack session with Katas on good patterns and working best practices. Bring your Mac - feel free to plug in your computer and show cool stuff you've made or found to everyone else.

Speaker: Jan Riehn

Jan is a developer from Hamburg with hands on experience in web application and mobile development. He works in a team that uses 8 different programming languages and enjoys to live his passion for new technologies - lately especially Swift. He also organises a Swift Meetup Community in Hamburg and Munich.


19:15 Presentation Swift 2.0

19:45 Hack session / Networking

21:00 Kata presentation

21:30 Open end