• Come On N´ Trance

  • Fr, 14.02.2014 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • e-feld Cologne
    Venloer Str. 601
    50827 Cologne
Come On N´ Trance - e-feld Cologne - Köln

--- Pixel (HOMmega/Israel) ---

Pixel is Eli Biton Tal, born 1979, living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He started DJ'ing in 1999 and began creating his own music in 2000. In 2001 Pixel started to DJ back to back with Domestic, a successful collaboration which lasted 4 years. During this time, they made music together as Dual Head and compiled a very successful compilation called 'Think Sync'. Pixel released his debut album – "Reality strikes back" in 2004 and his tracks have been released on leading labels such as TIP world and Spun. He is touring the world extensively and making new tracks for various compilations and for his 2nd album. Pixel is considered one of the most authentic israeli psy trance producers with an impressive discography of collaborations with leading artists such as Astrix, Domestic, GMS, Wrecked Machines, Tristan, Freedom Fighters and many more. He is a regular visitor to Goa every season and as such is considered an eternal respected member of the global psy trance scene. His recent release "Here & there" ep has broken a record of sales with all 3 tracks entering and maintaining high spots in Beatport's Top 10 chart. Pixel's DJ skills have been praised world wide and together with his unique style of psy productions, he is proving his relevance year after year, staying in demand and appreciated everywhere he visits.

http://soundcloud.com/pixel-hommega http://soundcloud.com/spacecat1/spacecat-vs-pixel-the https://www.facebook.com/PixelOfficial

°°Bogdi°° (Groove-Tribe Rec. Serbia) http://www.facebook.com/bogdi.hrnjak http://soundcloud.com/progressivegeneration24/bogdi-progressive-set-19-05/s-5whx0

°°K.l.audio°° (PSR/Pit Stop) https://facebook.com/PITSTOP.2003

°°Sam Leary°° (Vibez prod.) http://soundcloud.com/sam-leary-vibez-prod https://www.facebook.com/SamLearyV.I.B.E.ZProd

°°Quantec°° (NTrance Cologne) https://soundcloud.com/quantec-hp

Chillout :

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