• VOLK + SeFlux // Club Tsunami

  • Do, 15.10.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Tsunami Club
    Im Ferkulum 9
    50678 Cologne
VOLK + SeFlux // Club Tsunami - Tsunami Club - Köln

Club Tsunami präsentiert...


THE American Country-Rock Duo based in Berlin.

"VOLK... make a kind of raw music that we are unaccustomed to hearing in our modern age. Their first release feels like a masterpiece – a four-song window into wild and fertile universe where the ghosts of all the singers trapped on crackling 78s mingle hand-in-hand with the most soulful rock and roll musicians the world has ever heard." - Tom Tom Magazine


SeFlux – Flow with it!

Formed in 2014, arisen from the ashes of a promising but wretched rock band, floating your ears with velvety gut-punching harmonies.

Some say it’s Alternative, some say it’s Indie Rock. SeFlux doesn’t know. And it doesn’t care. It cares only about you.

Some say SeFlux actually is four humans, all sporting different ear-schmoozing melody-making tools. They may be right. But wait until you hear and see them…