• Small Houses ( US )

  • Mi, 27.05.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Weltempfänger Backpacker Hostel & Café
    Venloer Str. 196
    50823 Cologne
Small Houses ( US ) - Weltempfänger Backpacker Hostel & Café - Köln

Wieder ein toller Künstler bei uns. Wir freuen uns sehr auf einen weiteren schönen Abend!

Small Houses is a Philadelphia, PA-based alternative country project featuring the songs and poems of Flint, MI-native Jeremy Quentin. Artfully crafted with finger-style guitar and softly sung melodies, the bars of his new album Still Talk; Second City describe the people, the love, and the homes of Quentin’s life.

Still Talk; Second City is the result of a one yearlong effort, borne of the exhaustion from too much time spent moving. Prompted to flee to Atlanta with the