• Cutthroat Brothers [USA] / Underdog Diva [D]

  • Sa, 09.11.2019 ab 21:30 Uhr
  • Sonic Ballroom
    Oskar-Jäger-Strasse 190
    50825 Cologne
Cutthroat Brothers [USA] / Underdog Diva [D] - Sonic Ballroom - Köln

https://www.cutthroatbrothers.com/https://www.facebook.com/Underdog-Diva-1026384574235382/Garage Punk / Rock´n´Roll / Garage GlamOnce upon a time, barbers doubled as surgeons, offering bloodletting and teeth-pulling as well as razor cuts. The Cutthroat Brothers may not literally induce bloodletting, but they certainly do figuratively on their second full-length album that will be available worldwide on vinyl LP, CD and digital download on October 31st, 2019 via Hound Gawd! Records.The duo of real-life barbers, the Sweeney Todd of Punk – Jason Cutthroat (vocals, guitar) and Donny Paycheck (drums) – formed the band in February 2018 and by March they had already recorded their debut album. The Cutthroat Brothers carve up a bloody, ballsy and brash brand of rock ‘n’ roll that – not unlike their medieval counterparts – takes no prisoners.“The classic imagery of what a barber is correlates so well to the music,” says Donny. “We keep it straightforward and as sharp as possible.”“It’s a little creepy and weird,” Jason adds. “But it’s a lot of fun and ties into what we do every day.”Jason and Donny initially got acquainted in the Pacific Northwest rock scene as both played in local bands. Most notably, Donny made his bones behind the kit for the iconic Zeke. Since the Brothers share the same profession (a grizzly one in days of yore) and a passion for bands like The Gun Club, The Cramps, Eagles of Death Metal, The Hives, it was effortless for the duo to write songs and come up with ideas for the band – like wearing bloodspattered white smocks for live shows. rattige riffs, fuzz und feedback.zurück zum blues, zurück zum glam! was den white stripes recht war, kann underdog diva nur billig sein.göttin gala (schlagzeug/gesang) und mark spark (gitarre/gesang/keyboard) würzen das ganze mit einer prise psych und grunge im besten sinne.heraus kommt eine tanzbare mischung an ohrwürmern, die lust machen auf pogen, slammen und sich ordentlich zum larry machen. und das ganze am besten schön laut!Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h; Eintritt 9€