• Ehrenfeld Hopping: I took your name ( NL )

  • Sa, 11.04.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Weltempfänger Backpacker Hostel & Café
    Venloer Str. 196
    50823 Cologne
Ehrenfeld Hopping: I took your name ( NL ) - Weltempfänger Backpacker Hostel & Café - Köln

I Took Your Name Der Bandname „I Took Your Name“ stammt von einem R.E.M.-Song. Die Idee hinter dem Projekt aus Groningen war eigentlich, ein Ambient-Gitarren-Album zum Thema „Rangierbahnhöfe“ zu machen. Die Songs dazu lieferte Chris Audiotransparent- und Kendler-Gitarrist Chris van der Ploeg. Heraus gekommen ist die wundervolle EP „Phantom Tiger“. soundcloud.com/itookyourname/sets/

"The original plan was to make an ambient guitar record about rail yards. All that audiotransparent guitar player Chris van der Ploeg came up with was songs. He christened his project I Took Your Name, the name borrowed from an R.E.M. song. After a first release in 2012 called 'Bayonet EP', I Took Your Name played several shows in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. A second EP called 'Phantom Tiger EP' was released online in 2013. It features the melodic approach of the songs with tendencies towards atmospheric soundscapes without losing their strength while played live on just an acoustic guitar. In 2015 a split single with Alain Fournier, featuring the song You faded like a Star on the Late Show, was released on 7" vinyl and more new releases are in the making; new songs can already be heard during live performances."

http://itookyourname.bandcamp.com/ http://facebook.com/itookyourname http://soundcloud.com/itookyourname 21:00 Eintritt frei