• La Scala

  • Fr, 17.04.2015 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • LOFT Köln
    Wissmannstr. 30
    50823 Cologne
La Scala - LOFT Köln - Köln

Roberto Negro - piano, Valentin Ceccaldi - cello, Adrien Chennebault - drums, Théo Ceccaldi - violin, viola

„Their compositions stress the dramatic, demanding plot, juggling beautifully between tormented contemplation and explosive lyricism. The quartet sees its musical aesthetics as inclusive, encompassing organic ideas from innovative, modern composers such as Béla Bartók , Arnold Schoenberg and Karlheinz Stockhausen with elements of blues, jazz and even rock. After the intense, dramatic opening, the rest are shorter and focused on highlighting one dramatic idea. Still, these adventurous minimalist pieces do not comply to any genre or convention. All suggest an ironic, and even an amused perspective on the never ending human aspiration to sculpt a path—sonic, artistic or spiritual—to a higher plain.” Eyal Hareuveni - ALL ABOUT JAZZ USA