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Hugo Boguslawski & Min Clara Kim Two Person show August 7- September 7, 2014 Opening Reception: Thursday, August 7th, 7PM-10PM

LE COEUR proudly presents artworks by

Hugo Boguslawski and Min Clara Kim.

The German artist, Hugo Boguslawski, takes us on a trip between the micro and the macroscopic worlds of nature. His ability to create lyrical painting compositions based on natural occurrences, which are full of form and colorful rhythms, sometimes leaves us momentarily speechless. The phrase, “ There is order in chaos” comes to mind and is yet an understatement when being confronted by Hugo´s paintings.

His quest to discovery symmetry and structure found in the organic landscape allows him to create spaces of meditation and reflection. The extensive labor invested in his finished works filled with all the complexities of conceptualization and painterly calculations seem to melt away to reveal the beauty of nature.

The Korean artist, Min Clara Kim, invites us to decode her paintings. Her motives range from what could be holy, historical or mysterious objects wrapped in expensive decorated cloths to fragile porcelain to figurative portrayals of herself in various roles ranging from Greek mythology to modern day stereotypical female characterizations.

Her ideas and techniques are manifested with a keen attention to detail. The overlapping traditions in Asian and European art making justifies her action to break the rules of expected function and to gravitate toward exploring the art of illusion. Min Klara Kim´s statement in painting does not focus on the obvious beauty found on the surface but rather that which awaits to be unveiled.

The artists will be present during the Opening and we look forward to seeing you.