• Schwarz

  • Sa, 22.08.2015 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Gesangsboutique Stefanie Pahl
    Brüsseler Straße 17
    50674 Cologne
Schwarz - Gesangsboutique Stefanie Pahl - Köln

We'll be playing a little Showcase presented by our booking agency Landstreicher Booking. Free entry.

Bio The Rain just stopped. Eerie light in a narrow alley. Grey buildings and asphalt. A walk in the park of fallen monuments. An image, very familiar to Roland Meyer de Voltaire.

The German raised in Moscow and now living in Berlin spent most of his lifetime with music. After the break-up of his last band the songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist faced the worst of his inner demons. For the first time in his life the question weather he should continue his path didn't deliver an easy answer.

Enter Schwarz. Following questions doesn't necessarily mean to find the answers you expected. The thoughts soon became notions and finally musically ideas. Capturing the doubts of sleepless nights and too early mornings, Schwarz Projects' lyrics reflect the inside view. The music is echoing clear and euphoric pop harmonies, aswell as drawing inspiration from the energy of bass driven electronica and compositionary complexity. With the help of a classical duo, consisting of ukranian pianist Yulia Drogalova and french violinist Célia Schann, the music evolves into dark pop from the depths of a songwriter's soul. Haunting and monolithic. Schwarz.