• ∆∆∆ CANCELED ∆∆∆230821000410 Sommerspectaculum IV - ancient future records release party

  • Sa, 23.08.2014 ab 14:00 Uhr
    Vogelsangerstr. 231 / Leyendeckerstr. 2a (gegenüber LIDL)
    50825 Cologne
∆∆∆ CANCELED  ∆∆∆230821000410 Sommerspectaculum IV - ancient future records release party - JACK IN THE BOX e.V. - Köln

∆∆∆ CANCELED ∆∆∆

∆∆∆ Sorry we will cancel this event cause its too wet. We will go for something more intimate, warm and cozy - be prepared ∆∆∆

We're celebrating the release of our first EP with our dear friends from JackInTheBox. We called it KILUNGA and you can listen to some previews here: https://soundcloud.com/ancient-future-records/sets/af001-kilunga-ep

All artists featured on the record will be playing, plus Xander M, a nice guy we met on a Tiroler Alm, who happens to be a fantastic DJ.

Xander M (san francisco) Foxdevilswild (ancient future / ∆∆∆) Philipp Fein (ancient future / feines tier) Johannes Klingebiel (ancient future / ∆∆∆) Alma & Mater (ancient future / ∆∆∆)

https://soundcloud.com/xanderm https://soundcloud.com/ancient-future-records https://soundcloud.com/foxdevilswildyeah <a href="https://soundcloud.com/philippfein" rel="nofollow">https://soundcloud.com/philipp_fein https://soundcloud.com/klingebiel https://soundcloud.com/almamater2012