• BBQ with ESN Düsseldorf

  • Sa, 24.05.2014 ab 15:15 Uhr
  • Südbahnhof
    Otto-Fischer-Str. 4
    50674 Cologne
BBQ with ESN Düsseldorf - Südbahnhof - Köln

Since the Middle Ages a rivalry has existed between the two German cities Düsseldorf and Köln. Today there's still some disagreement about who has the better beer or football team.

To settle the argument, we'd like you to join our BBQ event in Düsseldorf!

We'll leave the Südbahnhof Köln at 3.15pm this Saturday towards Düsseldorf. Please bring your own food and beverages!

[Picture: The famous Königsallee, by Mikhail Shcherbakov]