• KISDtalk June 16: "Designing for a Connected World"

  • Di, 16.06.2015 ab 17:30 Uhr
  • Köln International School of Design
    Ubierring 40
    50678 Cologne
KISDtalk June 16: "Designing for a Connected World" - Köln International School of Design - Köln

On June 16, the topic of "Designing for a Connected World" will be on the agenda for the KISDtalk - with a KISD graduate, Urs Bösswetter, as speaker. Bösswetter is founder of "spooodesign“, an agency located both in Southern Germany and Switzerland, which develops design solutions in analog and digital media. Corporate Design, Web Design and Graphic and Print Design can be found in "spooodesign’s“ portfolio. Bösswetter has already detailed knowledge of KISD. He often conducted projects, served as lecturer and held a teaching position at KISD from which he also graduated. He has worked for yellow design, SMART Technologies Ltd., German-Korean Industry of Commerce, and Corporate Intelligence. Boesswetter also has a degree in economics from University of Bayreuth. His talk will address the issue of connectivity and design and its repercussions for designers and design in general.