• Who Are You Lutra Lutra? + Bartho & Jense

  • So, 02.08.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Kulturcafe Lichtung
    Ubierring 13
    50678 Cologne
Who Are You Lutra Lutra? + Bartho & Jense - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Köln

Cafe/ Eintritt frei

Jense & Bartho

Percussion, cajon, guitar, piano, ukulele and accordion is what the two flying Dutch men from Amsterdam will bring along to provide the crowd a mixture of folk and pop shown in own songs and a variety of covers that remind them of good times. Kulturcafe Lichtung is the first stop of their summer tour before leaving to France.

Jense, a physicist, started his music career with gigs in cabarets and eventually decided to only do music. Playing together for the growing band "Rina Mushonga" Bartho and Jense met and discovered their common taste.

Witness an evening full of joy, body moving rythmes and sing along songs.

Lutra Lutra was born on the windy french coast of Brest, France. Lutra Lutra breathes somewhere where you can meet Tom Waits, Damien Rice, Iron & Wine or Devendra Banhart. Their tunes are sometimes soft and calm, sometimes loud and sharp, but always elaborated with a compulsive need for a strong melodic line. Now established in Berlin, they are always searching for new stories to tell and to enrish their universe. They enjoy and take great care to explore spontaneous and unusual ways of playing their instruments (ukulele, guitars, mandolin, concertina, bells), but never forget the singer songwriter sensibilty that flows into their veins.