• open studio: Darryn Ansted

  • Fr, 24.07.2015 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen
    Aurelienstraße 48
    04177 Leipzig
open studio: Darryn Ansted - Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen - Leipzig

Open Studio Бükü: Darryn Ansted

Friday, 24th, at 7 pm in Бükü

Dr. Darryn Ansted is Coordinator of Painting at Curtin University Department of Art. He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with first class honours and a PhD from the University of Western Australia. He has exhibited around Australia and internationally in over 30 group projects/solo shows and has taught art history/theory and studio practice units at UWA and Curtin University respectively for three years. His practice involves experimentation with colour, perception and the image. He is particularly interested in modernist strategies’ potential to deconstruct ideology. He has also published on German modern and contemporary art, Australian architecture and public art, the Frankfurt school of critical theory and the theorists Jacques Derrida, Slavoj Žižek, Hannah Arendt and Emmanuel Lévinas.