• Kønzert: Hyperion • Mornir • Like Fire

  • Do, 17.05.2018 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Mørtelwerk
    Am Kanal 28
    04179 Leipzig
Kønzert: Hyperion • Mornir • Like Fire - Mørtelwerk - Leipzig

During the Perennial Ascendancy Tour through Central and Eastern Europe in May, Hyperion are coming back to Leipzig after last autumn's pandemonium to unleash fury once again, this time upon Mørtelwerk!Hyperion (Swe)Hyperion was formed in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The original vision was to create melodic music rich in harmony that was also brutal and epic, thus in the beginning Hyperion were inspired by many Swedish, primarily melodic, death metal bands and still are to this day. Later, the band took a move towards incorporating elements of Swedish and Norwegian black metal. Hyperion finally released the debut album in February 2016 through Black Lion Records. It has been featured on many top-10 lists of 2016 and has been praised as the new generation of Emperor/Dissection.Mornir (Ger)Die 5 Jungs, die sich ab 2011 aus dem Freisinger Umland zusammenfanden, haben sich einer modernen Interpretation des Pagan Metal verschrieben. Diese vereint kraftvollen Metal mit erfrischenden Geigenmelodien und formt sich vor allem live zu einer energiereichen Mischung. Like Fire (Swe)Black/death metal from Stockholm who unleashed "Into Northern Hellfire" last year. Currently writing on their next album, to be even darker.Schedule:21.00-21.30 Like Fire21.50-22.30 Mornir22.50-23.40 HyperionENTRANCE IS FREE/FREIER EINTRITT