• Reading/Lesung: Postkarte aus Bali - ein Kinderbuch für Erwachsene

  • So, 16.03.2014 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • The English Room
    Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 54
    04109 Leipzig
Reading/Lesung: Postkarte aus Bali - ein Kinderbuch für Erwachsene - The English Room - Leipzig

Naomi Susan Isaacs, born and raised in London in a musical family, was first English teacher and folk singer before relocating to Munich (1968) which she has since made her home.

Her book „Postkarte aus Bali ... ein Kinderbuch für Erwachsene“ (Postcard from Bali ... a children’s book for adults) originated in 1998 as a musical project for children. The final result in book form, which appeared in January 2013, follows the adventures of 12 school children and observes how these adventures affect their adult life. When we first meet the children, they are about 10 years old. By the end of the book, several of them have become grandparents. In following the children on their adventures, the reader is drawn back into the world of magic which for children is so real, so normal. Author Naomi Susan Isaacs tells us, „Each child represents some aspect of my philosophy of life. Each of them outpictures some facet of my personality. I have grown to love these children and hope that they will find their way into the reader’s heart.“

Englische Lesung

Naomi Susan Isaacs geboren und aufgewachsen in London ist Autorin, Jazz Sängerin und Coach. Die Idee zum Buch „Postkarte aus Bali ... ein Kinderbuch für Erwachsene“ enstand 1998 als musikalisches Projekt für Kinder. Das finale Ergebnis erschien im Januar 2013 in Buchform und verfolgt die aufregenden Abenteuer von 12 Schulkindern auf Ihrem Weg ins Erwachsenenalter. Naomi Susan Isaacs erschafft Geschichten, die geheimnisvoll, magisch und einfach bezaubernd sind.