• HIDE + Sólveig Matthildur (Kaelan Mikla) live at WHITE CIRCLES

  • So, 18.11.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • AKKO Hummus Bar
    Walter-Heinze-Straße 3
    04229 Leipzig
HIDE + Sólveig Matthildur (Kaelan Mikla) live at WHITE CIRCLES - AKKO Hummus Bar - Leipzig

WHITE CIRCLES proudly presents// Live on stage //HIDE ( Industrial Pop | DAIS | US )https://www.facebook.com/pg/hidefromhideHeather Gabel knows just how to make your skin crawl. Perhaps by the searing crack of a whip; or the strands of black hair coiling snake-like onto her wet skin. Rogue hands clawing for a host in the mud. Flames feasting on the earth like a virus on flesh in the video for "Wildfire," flooding your senses with dread."I want people to feel afraid," she says. "So many people live in fear all the time because of who they are. My songs are about turning it back on the people who prey on [them]."HIDE is not just a band, but a multimedia, multisensory collaboration between fine artist Gabel and percussionist Seth Sher. Birthed in 2014 from Chicago's DIY electronic scene, the post-industrialist duo specializes in rattling sonic collages, tied together by Gabel's steely growl. In 2015 they joined Marilyn Manson on tour with just an EP in tow. Now out on Dais Records, HIDE's full-length debut, Castration Anxiety, is a collection of siren songs for predators of all kinds — "rapists, marginalizers, oppressors," stresses Gabel.Sólveig Matthildur (Kaelan Mikla side project | Iceland)https://www.facebook.com/solveigmatthildur/Sólveig Matthildur rose to prominence as a member of DIY goth-wave trio Kælan Mikla, but her self-released debut solo album is a revelation.Her sound world is one of deep reverb, distant beats and synths that merge into a warm fog of sound, with Sólveig’s huge singing voice floating somewhere inside.Reminiscent of cult art-pop artists like Tamaryn and Zola Jesus, Sólveig’s work radiates a raw and direct emotional intensity, and she has a knack for seamless song arrangements. This is a debut to remember. - John Rogers