• Let's talk about feminism #4

  • Do, 26.04.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Pizza LAB
    Georg-Schwarz-Straße 10
    04177 Leipzig
Let's talk about feminism #4 - Pizza LAB - Leipzig

During February we had an open discussion group and we met three times to talk about feminism with open-minded and curious people. It was a really interesting and productive exchange of opinions and ideas – What are the main problems of our society? What are the main practical solutions? Do we recognize toxic internalized ideas and know how to get rid of them? We're meeting once again on the 26.4., don't miss it this time! ;)________________________________You weren't there in February? Check out the minutes of our 1st and 2nd meetings (the 3rd one was used to discuss solutions for specific situations we had encountered personally in the past).Check the minutes of:- Let's talk about feminism! #2http://pizzalab.de/files/20180208minutesmeeting.pdf- Let's talk about feminism! #1http://pizzalab.de/files/20180126minutes_meeting.pdf_________________________________________________Are you interested in feminism and have questions? Are you a feminist and you have answers? What does feminism mean to you? Are you a man insecure about sexism and need advice? Have you never talked to a feminist before? Do you know what "queerfeminism" is? Would you like to know or understand more about these topics? How are we personally going to contribute to a more equal society, and what is it that we want or expect exactly? In this open discussion group we will discuss queer/feminism with open minded and curious people. Every*one is welcome, also antifeminists. Just keep in mind: as there will be feminists in the round, we ask to respect their culture of communication in order to insure mutual respect. If you are insecure, ask for appropriate vocabulary and in general take advice seriously – at least for this one evening (you don't need to change yourself thereafter). The main goal is not to convince each other of anything, but to cultivate a culture in which it's OK to simply understand each other and mostly, understand and learn to defend our own standpoint in a friendly and respectful set-up. The discussion is moderated in English.Please bring: Pen and paper (while we let each other talk, sometimes it's useful to write down what it makes us think about or questions we have)If you want, you can write down and bring your questions or topics, bring information (an article or tidbit of any kind related to the topic), a specific topic or problem or even anecdote you would like to discuss. ________________________________Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/memestate/