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'ANGER IS A SOLUTION, IF ANGER MEANS KITTENS'15:00 Performance by Olga Holzschuh with texts by Tabea Venrath/the anger belongs to gods Performance by Olga Holzschuh with texts by Tabea Venrath & Avi BolotinskyOlga Holzschuh lives and works in Cologne. Her artistic work deals with the influence and effect of visible and invisible factors on identity and subject in the age of digitalization.Tabea Venrath studied Cultural Studies and Psychology at the Universities of Hildesheim and Hamburg. Writing for theatre, performance and intermedia art projects – often in collaborative artistic contexts, her work was lately shown at Bordkiosk Surprise(Hafencity, Hamburg),AUFTAKT Festival für szenische Texte(studiobühneköln, Cologne) and Dgtl fmnsm Festival (Hellerau, Dresden).Interested in hybrid, fictional and non-fictional text material and text production within digital spaces, such as online forums and dating apps, questioning new forms of authorship.Avi Bolotinsky, born in Jerusalem, studied philosophy. She works as director and production manager in a weather studio. Sometimes she engages in film and theater and does things that sound way more glamorous.17:00Lecture “Visual Contentions in Contemporary Turkish Politics”M.Ragıp Zik (FU Berlin)Visual Contentions in Contemporary Turkish PoliticsLecture by M. Ragıp ZıkPolitical contentions influence visual sphere, as much as the visuals help mobilize public affects. 2013’s Gezi Movement was home to several creative examples of visual activism that were instrumental for challenging the existing understandings of dissent in Turkey. Much of this activism also found its way online through social media platforms, blogs, and archives. On the other hand, since a military coup attempt have hit the country in 2016, a certain anger and commitment to vindication seem to have been expanding and taking over the visual production and dissemination online. This talk invites to take a look at the political imageries of two mobilizations and contentions across them.M. Ragıp Zık is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin, working on contemporary visual practices in political struggle. His project draws upon concepts of collective identity, iconography, and affect. Ragıp has previously researched on artistic practices, collective memory, and resistance cultures. Before joining to academia, he run several years of community-building projects in the Euro-Mediterranean area and Caucasus. He is currently a board member of International Sociological Association’s Visual Sociology Research Committee. 18:00Talk with M. Ragıp Zik, Olga Holzschuh and Nada Schroer (moderation)-------------------------------Im Rahmen des D21/Curators LABEröffnung I Opening: 14. September 2018, 7 pmAusstellungsdauer I Exhibition Dates: 15. September bis 21. Oktober, September 15 – October 21, 2018Künstlerinnen I Artists: anna anthropy, Miriam J. Carranza, Vera Drebusch, Line Finderup Jensen, Olga Holzschuh, Ali Miharbi, Lara Ögel, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Berkay TuncayKuratorinnen I Curators: Collective Çukurcuma (Naz Cuguoğlu/ Mine Kaplangı, Serhat Cacekli), Eva Liedtjens, Nada SchroerAssistenz I Asistant: Ariane Graf