• Fr, 27.03.2015 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • The English Room
    Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 54
    04109 Leipzig
QUIZ NIGHT! - The English Room - Leipzig

All the usual rules apply (see below) and the quiz starts at 8 pm – so if you want a good seat, get here early!

Quiz Rules

1) There will be a small entrance fee of 1 euro (per person) to compete (this money will then be part of the grand prize).

2) The maximum number of people allowed in a team is five. Teams of larger sizes will be introduced to new friends!

3) More chances to win points and prizes:

• General Knowledge Round: if you're stuck and don't know the answer, the funniest wrong answer wins a prize...a round of beers for that group (or a soft drink for the drivers).

• True or False Knockout: send your brainiest member up to the front and have the chance to gain extra points that might push you ahead of the pack.

4) To keep those brain cells working properly, there will be delicious cheese soup with leek and mincemeat (or Käsesuppe mit Hackfleisch as it's known in Deutschland) and yummy quiche for the veges!