• Dave Giles (UK) // Tonfink, Lübeck

  • Mi, 06.03.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Tonfink - Kulturcafé & Bar
    Große Burgstraße 46
    23552 Lübeck
Dave Giles (UK) // Tonfink, Lübeck - Tonfink - Kulturcafé & Bar - Lübeck

Dave Giles: In einer Welt, in der Erfolg dadurch definiert ist, das meiste Geld zu verdienen und vor den größten Zuschauermengen zu spielen, ist Dave Giles so etwas wie ein frischer Luftzug.---In January 2018, after an eight month fundraising campaign, Dave jetted off to Nashville to start work on his most ambitious project to date. Having raised £25000, him and his producer, Dean Dichoso, put together a band of incredible musicians and found the perfect studio, located on the corner of Tennessee and 48th Street, Welcome To 1979, to make Dave’s second full length album. The ten songs were recorded live to 2 inch tape – just how all your favourite old records were made. Mixing British-Folk and the Americana genre, the completed album entitled 'Tennessee and 48th' was released on 2 November 2018. Dave has toured the UK extensively for the last eight years, building up a loyal and hardcore audience. He has shared stages with Jade Bird, Will Varley, Beans On Toast, Sean McGowen, Bry, Ben Marwood, Danny Gruff, The Candle Thieves, Chris TT, Nick Parker and many more. His has toured Europe, Ireland and Australia. In October 2012 he released his debut album 'Love, Life, Loss and Tea' which was produced by Nigel Pulsford (Bush). Dave has also self-produced and released eight EPs since October 2010.For a more details biography. Click here. His music can be found, to buy or to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp and all the other music sites.There is still that one question that Dave struggles to answer ‘what do you sound like?’ Lyrically, he's always tried to be a story teller, and these stories are often very personal with his heart well and truly on his sleeve. Musically, Dave has flirted with a number of different genres, but it's clear that he has now established himself as an Americana act with an English accent. His live shows are always full of charm. He can correctly adapt his performance style into whatever gig scenario he ends up in, and he specialises in breaking down the barriers between performer and audience, which has resulted in some highly memorable moments. ________https://www.facebook.com/davejgilesmusichttps://www.davejgiles.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2toK6QwJrrU