• A Weekend With Escapada ~ Importance of Gut Health

  • Fr, 22.03.2019 ab 16:00 Uhr
  • Gut Mönkhof
    Mönkhofer Weg 265
    23562 Lübeck
A Weekend With Escapada ~ Importance of Gut Health - Gut Mönkhof - Lübeck

The Importance of your Digestive HealthWe are excited to host a special pop up weekend with Escapada ~ help us discover our new location Gut Mönkhof!Coming out of the hibernation of Winter, this will be a weekend focusing on your digestive health…….A healthier digestive system means a healthier happier you! Your digestive health is directly impacted by the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live." Struggling to shift those few pounds? All I eat is salad and I can't lose weight! Why am I'm always tired? " This retreat is designed to look closely at your gut health because it all starts there. We need to be eating the right foods for our body type and our digestion needs to be working to get the most out of our foods. Having poor gut health has a massive knock on effect on our health resulting in tiredness, weight gain, poor sleep, skin issues and many more. Kick start your knowledge and metabolism with this digestive health retreat!