• PACS Summer Beats 2020 - Rally Edition

  • Mi, 15.07.2020 ab 16:00 Uhr
  • PACS - Peace and Conflict Studies Magdeburg
    Zschokkestrasse 32
    39104 Magdeburg
PACS Summer Beats 2020 - Rally Edition - PACS - Peace and Conflict Studies Magdeburg - Magdeburg

We believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...and try to find other people and have a party together. 🍋🍹Sometimes the life of a student can be really hard, you have a bunch of papers to write, presentations to give and deadlines to meet. And as if that wasn't enough, this year there is also a global pandemic that is making life more difficult for everyone. But the great thing is that we are not alone and can support each other (although with distance, but still!)! So let's bring our lemons to this year's PACS summer beats rally and make a tasty drink of oblivion. You are, for sure, also free to turn your lemons into lemonade, lemon cake, or anything else :) Since we cannot gather as a large group as we usually would, we have thought of an alternative concept: We want to send you on a rally through the city. In groups of up to 10 people you will solve tasks together and carry a crate of drinks around with you (sponsored by Prof. Spencer!). You will get more detailed information.What do you have to do now?!? Sign up on the list if you plan to come to the rally. Think about who you want to join in a group with, sign up for the appropriate group and think of a fancy name: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kOZDNl-Fz9iMU_deQaSVKJQQ2CcYahzdiJODG5ofnH0/edit?usp=sharingFor the first time, we don't have to write that you should please think of plates and cutlery (crazy!). But since we want to remind you of something, here's what we have to say: If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of walking through the city with a group, you don't have to come. We fully understand that, but of course, we are happy about every person who comes. Please also think about protecting yourself and the people around you (hopefully you know how to do this yourself). And think about water! And maybe a hat. And sunscreen... Okay, we'll stop now, you are all grown up.Lots and lots of love ♥

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