• German Synagogues: From Middle Ages to Avant-garde

  • So, 01.07.2018 ab 16:00 Uhr
  • Neue Synagoge Mainz
    55118 Mainz
German Synagogues: From Middle Ages to Avant-garde - Neue Synagoge Mainz - Mainz

The most discussed architectural projects in contemporary Germany are the newly built synagogues in Mainz, Dresden, Munich, Ulm and other cities. These architectural highlights of the last decades are remarkable signs of Jewish renewal after the Holocaust. To which extent do they continue the historic legacy of German Jewry rooted in Medieval Ashkenaz?The architect Manuel Herz, who designed the famous new synagogue of Mainz, talks about aesthetic and social functions of the new religious buildings and leads a guided tour of his synagogue building.The lecture and tour are in English without translation. ADMISSION FREE.The public talk and tour are part of Eshkolot Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas "Jerusalem am Rhein: Jews and Christians in Medieval Germany", supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group with the help of The Jewish Agency for Israel.