• Klein aber Schick - 09.12.2019 - Tiktaalik

  • Mo, 09.12.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Schick & Schön
    Kaiserstraße 15
    55116 Mainz
Klein aber Schick - 09.12.2019 - Tiktaalik - Schick & Schön - Mainz

Die Musikmaschine und das Schick & Schön präsentieren Livemusik bei der Konzertreihe Klein Aber Schick-------------------------------------------Diesmal mit: Tiktaalik-------------------------------------------Einlass: 20 UhrBeginn: 21 UhrEintritt frei-------------------------------------------DANKE: Sparkasse Mainz https://meine.sparkasse-mainz.de/-------------------------------------------Künstlerinfo: Tiktaalik is a monospecific genus of extinct sarcopterygian (lobe-finned fish) from the late Devonian period, about 375 Ma (million years) ago, having many features akin to those of tetrapods (four-legged animals). TiktAAlik is an Estonian/ German Electronic & Trip-Hop Project formed 2016 by Layn and Renaud. You’ve come to the right place If you’re not looking for scientific information but for Music as a common phenomenon that crosses all borders of nationality and culture. Since 2016 TiktAAlik already was booked for over 40 shows and impresses by Layn's strong stage show and the dynamic and wicked live sound, which occasionally is increased by guest musician such as trumpet, percussion or violin. As you fall into the sound of TiktAAlik, you feel located to the depth of Iceland and pass thin coats of ice and hot geysirs. Especially Layn's peculiar mode of expression and the way she plays with her diverse voice sounds takes you on a journey through the stories she tells. The Debut of TiktAAlik really incredibly surprises with variation of style and tension. The second you get used to the beauty and mellowness of the calm songs and synths, a hard Trip-Hop beat cracks in and tears you out of the relaxation. TiktAlik fascinates like auroral light in the cold north. A phenomenon you like to keep. Strong and gentle at the same time. -------------------------------------------LINKS:http://www.tiktaalik.info https://www.facebook.com/tiktaalikmusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxQK0oAhDrjQtx2AOoei7QQ -------------------------------------------Zur Veranstaltungsreihe:Es ist ruhig - an der Oberfläche, doch irgendwo drinnen brodelt es gehörig, vielleicht ist es kühl draußen, sicher aber gemütlich drinnen, es ist Montag – aber Livemusik läuft trotzdem. Und zwar im Schick & Schön in der Kaiserstraße in Mainz. Die Musikmaschine hat die Ehre, das Booking der Konzertreihe Klein Aber Schick übernehmen zu dürfen, denn wie man es dreht und wendet: Neue Lieder braucht die Stadt!-------------------------------------------