• Thorium & Sundog LIVE in Mainz (DE)

  • Fr, 09.11.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Hardrockclub "Alexander The Great"
    Hintere Bleiche 8
    55116 Mainz
Thorium & Sundog LIVE in Mainz (DE) - Hardrockclub "Alexander The Great" - Mainz

THORIUM:Given great incentive by their work together in Belgium’s legendary Heavy Metal band Ostrogoth, axemen Dario Frodo, Stripe and Tom Tee found themselves overwhelmed by massive amounts of inspiration for new material, much of which proved to lie too much outside the boundaries of what they could rightly realize with Ostrogoth. Therefore, they decided to found a brand new formation through which to channel all these new ideas. With the addition of classically trailed batterist Louis Van Der Linden to the fold, the search was open for a powerful vocalist with a wide range and striking stage presence, which they found in seasoned Dutch singer David Marcelis (Lord Volture, Black Knight). With the line-up complete, the band put the finishing touches on their debut album, which is set for release autumn 2018.Influenced by and incorporating elements of all the classic styles of Metal from the past four decades, such as NWOBHM, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Speed Metal, Bay Area Thrash and of course classic Heavy Metal, Thorium’s members set themselves no boundaries and seek to deliver music that is heavy, melodic, virtuosic, catchy and conceptual.Official Website:http://www.thoriumband.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/Thoriumband/Godspeed (Official Video):https://youtu.be/Zu-kWavWmMcSUNDOG:Let me tell you something... There is a beast out there. It's looking for you. It got your scent. You can feel it when it comes close, the smell of dried blood, of sweat, of foetid breath. It's a predator. Make no mistake, it may be wounded and weak but it's never tame, never. It will play with you, the way predators do. It will make you learn your lessons. About fear, about hunger, about hope and despair. About pain, yes, certainly. And ultimately about death. And when it's done playing, it will eat your heart. You will scream, yes, you will. No one will help you. You'll go down fever lane all alone. One less to care for, that's what they'll say. Keep that in mind next time you go out there. Now give me that damn bottle.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/sundogmunich/