• 27 Freunde - an opening of hyperreal landscapes and emotions

  • Sa, 10.11.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Arteria
    Gaustrasse 30
    55116 Mainz
27 Freunde - an opening of hyperreal landscapes and emotions - Arteria - Mainz

EXHIBITION // LIVE MUSIC // LIVE VISUALS // DRINKS EINTRITT FREI. KALTE GETRÄNKE. DANCE. Die Ausstellung wird vom 10.11.2018 bis zum 16.11.2018 in der ART.ERIA Gallery zu sehen sein.27 Freunde 27 Freunde gives an opening of hyperreal landscapes and emotions.27 Freunde shows works in various media that question realities, limits and our relation to them.27 Freunde is a collaborative project by a colorful mixture of international, national and regional young artists.////27 Freunde27 Freunde öffnen hyperreale Landschaften und Emotionen.27 Freunde zeigen Arbeiten anhand verschiedener Medien, die Realitäten, Grenzen und unserer Beziehung zu diesen setzen.27 Freunde ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt einer bunten Mischung aus internationalen, nationalen und regionalen jungen Künstlern.Featuring: LIVE: Improvised rap & experimental self-made beats byAELXEI ULINICI & ANTJE ZÖCHLING, based in Frankfurthttps://soundcloud.com/alexeiulinici_________________________________________LIVE: Experimental / electronic pop music about emotion and desire by CHEMA IGLESIAS, based in Malagahttps://soundcloud.com/chemaiglesia______________________________________________LIVE: Analog visuals by CORNELIUS REITMAYR, based in Berlin and JULIA HUBER, based in Offenbachhttps://cornelius-reitmayr.tumblr.com_____________________________________________DJSet: JULIA HUBER aka BRIGITTE RÖMER, based in Offenbachhttps://soundcloud.com/user-345853302_____________________________________________The jazz in the background [Video title]A massive bodily reaction to an event that acts like ]] the fluidity and certain,momentous impact of water, whether it is there or not there. Moving in between a reality and another reality and another reality.video installation based on spoken poetry by SOPHIE SPEKLE, based in Amsterdamhttps://www.instagram.com/sophiespekle/?hl=de________________________________________1136x640 or the skin you're in is a collection that displays hyperreal landscapes. Photographs of nature question our ability or inability to distinguish between real and generated.photography installation by HANNAH BAUM, based in Berlinhttps://hannahbaum.com/1136x640____________________________________________Utopia- End Of Patriarchal Landscape proposes the utopian idea of a landscape embodying the female form.photography by Amber Muir, based in Londonhttp://amberjanemuir.wixsite.com/ambermuirphotography// Es können Spenden an die Künstler gegeben werden.