• House of Love /w Freddy Rose

  • Fr, 16.11.2018 ab 22:00 Uhr
  • Gutleut
    Ludwigsstraße 4
    55116 Mainz
House of Love /w Freddy Rose - Gutleut - Mainz

house [haʊ̯s] nouna place of shelter; a genre of electronic music that spawned from Disco in the 80s and retained much of its funklove [lʌv] nounan intense feeling of deep affectionx NO HATEx NO RACISMx NO HOMOPHOBIAx NO SEXISMcause LOVE is the messagemusic by: Freddy Rose - https://soundcloud.com/freddyrosemusicVintage Green - https://soundcloud.com/vintage-green