• Julie's Haircut (Neo-Psychedelic-Kraut-Rock, ITA) LIVE at Kulturclub schon schön, Mainz - Germany

  • Di, 21.07.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Kulturclub Schon Schön
    Große Bleiche 60-62
    55116 Mainz
Julie's Haircut (Neo-Psychedelic-Kraut-Rock, ITA) LIVE at Kulturclub schon schön, Mainz - Germany - Kulturclub Schon Schön - Mainz

Einlass: 21:00 Beginn: 22:00 Eintritt: frei

Julie's Haircut

Active since the late 90s, Julie’s Haircut is a collective from northern Italy. Their debut album “Fever in the funk house” (Gammapop, 1999), a strange mixture of garage rock, noisy psychedelia and pop melodies was hailed at by the Italian critics as one of the best debuts in Italian indie rock and was included in the top 50 Italian albums of the 90's by the magazine Rumore. The follow-up “Stars never looked so bright” (Gammapop, 2001) mixed these elements with a more soulful approach, mirroring the love for 60’s black music nurtured by the band. In 2003, after switching to Homesleep Records Julie’s Haircut released their third album “Adult situations”, the first to be internationally distributed. Here, melody and odd psychedelia mingle in a more personal way. By 2005 the music of Julie’s Haircut has moved forward towards more experimental grounds, focusing on improv and sound research, without losing touch with the groove and melody that characterized their music since day one. The result was their fourth album “After dark, my sweet” (Homesleep, 2006), featuring former Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom, acclaimed as one of the best alternative Italian albums of the year and included in the top 20 psychedelic Italian albums of all time by the magazine Il Mucchio. In 2006 they also functioned as “sound carriers” for some performances of former Can singer Damo Suzuki, thus entering the Damo Suzuki Network and consolidating a warm musical and human relationship with the japanese/german artist that lead to further collaborations in the following years. In 2008, following the release of “N-waves / U-waves”, a 10” ep collecting unreleased studio improvisations of the band with Sonic Boom, Julie’s Haircut embarked on a italian double-bill tour with Spectrum (Sonic Boom’s solo project). In 2009 their fifth double album “Our Secret Ceremony” is released by A Silent Place. In 2010 the band takes part with Peter Hook to the tribute to Joy Division Unknown Pleasures in Reggio Emilia. A new 10” single, featuring cover versions of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Tarot, from “The Holy Mountain” soundtrack and Nino Rota’s O Venezia Venaga Venusia, from the "Fellini’s Casanova” soundtrack, was released in june 2011. In june 2012 the ep "The Wildlife Variations" was released through Woodworm Music & Trovarobato. In 2012 the band has begun a collaboration with the american Fluxus composer Philip Corner, resulting in a live performance in Reggio Emilia, a recording of Corner's music under the direction of the composer and a sound installation featured in the exhibition "Women in Fluxus and other experimental tales" held at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia. In march 2013 Gamma Pop released the 7" split single "Downtown Love Tragedies", shared with longtime friends CUT, on which the band reworks the Bill Withers' classic Who is he and what is he to you. In the same month, after taking part to the Transmission VI festival curated by Daniel O'Sullivan the band has recorded a session of studio improvisations with former Lungfish vocalist Daniel Higgs and saxophonist Valerio Cosi. In october 2013 the new album "Ashram Equinox" is released on Wood Worm / Audioglobe / Rough Trade.