• Onemanband Blues Rock'n' Roll: DANI DORCHIN (ISR)

  • Sa, 13.06.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Blau
    Jungbuschstr. 14
    68159 Mannheim
Onemanband Blues Rock'n' Roll: DANI DORCHIN (ISR) - Blau - Mannheim

"Dani Dorchin is probably the best one man band I've heard in years... He has the unique capability of allowing a listener to close both eyes, soak in the music, and wonder... "how can one human being actually do that, live?". I think, as the years go by, as it takes so many to interpret the great American country blues artists that have possessed this young man's heart, Dani will go down as one of the most talented simultaneous-multi-instrumentalist in history. Just my opinion, Richard Johnston." (Richard Johnston, One Man Band)