• The Bollock Brothers + The Nerves live in München

  • Fr, 31.08.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Bar089 24293711Get Directions
    Oberanger 26
    80331 Munich
The Bollock Brothers + The Nerves live in München - Bar089 24293711Get Directions - München

www.muft-concerts.deThe Bollock Brothers haben in ihrer 40jährgen Bandgeschichte kein bisschen an Energie verloren. Seit 1979 ist die Truppe um Jock McDonald nun schon unterwegs, um Rock, Punk und Wave aus London in die Welt zu tragen. Mit ihrem unvergleichlichen Sound aus New Wave, Synthie-Pop und Punk Rock sind die Britten ein Garant für druckvolle und extrem tanzwütige LiveshowsTHE NERVES from Stuttgart cross melodic pop-punk-rock with Japanese, German and English lyrics as well as Asian instruments such as shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and rebab (Asian bowed instrument).The band with its members Nina H., Cpt. Proton, Adm. Jack and Cmdr. Bossi was founded in 1987 and again didn't satisfy the mainstream trend with their 8th album 'Leaving the ashes' (2014) in direct selling without any label or management behind.In 2010 the charismatic gothic female singer Nina H. with her meter high mohawk took over the legacy of Minnie Satellite and sang for the first time on the 2012 album 'Back to bat', which was mixed in Tulsa Oklahoma by Stephen Egerton.THE NERVES were always a very unique species within the punk rock universe, not easily assimilable, but always weird, wonderful and nice to hear. Countless shows over the years dominate their permanent metamorphosis, the pursuit of the perfect composition.Stay tuned – be prepared – see you soon!!