• So, 05.10.2014 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Kafe Kult
    Oberföhringer Str. 156
    81925 Munich
BAD VISION (AUS) + FRANA (MUC) - Kafe Kult - München

BAD VISION (Australien) Knackiger, gemischter Vierer aus Melbourne, der seit 2011 sein Unwesen treibt und sich musikalisch irgendwo zwischen Garage, Post-Punk und Proto-Punk bewegt. Beeinflusst ist das Quartett ganz klar von Jay Reatard, den Hot Snakes, aber auch Mission Of Burma oder den Saints. “Like a dirty takeaway on a Friday night, it hits the spot and goes well with beer.” http://badvision.bandcamp.com/

FRANA (München) Frana is a four-piece noiserock/post-hardcore band based in Munich. The band starts in 2012 with the will of Luca (guitar, voice) and Fra (bass) to shake Bavaria with their noise-core ideas and attitude. After struggling with looking for a drummer in town, they bump into Niccolo’ (drummer) who just moved to Munich and Luigi, former bass player who switches then to guitar. Inspired by the style of 90s bands like Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Shellac and Unsane, they performed live in southern Germany and northern Italy and already recorded some material. The music is dynamic and direct like a punch in the stomach, the rhythmic does not let you rest. https://www.facebook.com/frana.band