• The Masonics with Ludella Black (UK)

  • Fr, 21.04.2017 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Gleis 22
    Gleis 22, Hafenstr. 34,
    48153 Münster
The Masonics with Ludella Black (UK) - Gleis 22 - Münster

https://www.facebook.com/themasonics/ https://www.reverbnation.com/themasonics http://damagedgoods.co.uk/bands/miss-ludella-black

The best Rhythm and Beat combo since the Milkshakes!

http://www.facebook.com/themasonics damagedgoods.co.uk/bands/miss-ludella-black

Die legendäre Medway Delta Rhythm'n'Beat-Combo bestehend aus Mickey Hampshire (Ex-Milkshakes), John Gibbs (Kaisers, Wildebeests) & Bruce Brand (ExHeadcoats, Hipbone Slim, Pop Rivets), präsentiert ihr neues Album 'Obermann Rides Again' und wird auch bei dieser Tour wieder von der bezaubernden Miss Ludella Black (ExHeadcoatees, Delmonas) unterstützt.


MICK 'THE MILK' HAMPSHIRE: singing & 6-string guitar BRUCE 'BASH' BRAND: traps & backing vocals JOHN 'LARDY' GIBBS: bottom guitar & backing vocals (with thanks to former bass-jockeys: Johnny Barker, Johnny Johnson & Liam Watson)

Having attended the same secret lodge - the Omnipotent Order of Eccentric Rapscallions (OOER) - together for 25-odd years, our three heroes were united in their cause when they were elected to search the UK for a sacrificial virgin to be deflowered at the sacred Dodecacentenial Orgy (or 'DO' for short).

A 16-year search - during which Micky was mistakenly assumed to be missing, presumed unable to take the pace - yielded nothing. In short, they had no joy, neither on their home turf nor during a brief sojourn to western Europe. (Hence their anticipated presence in the Promised Land).

To lure their prey they hit on the ingenious plan of disguising themselves as a musical 'rock-group' (presently very popular among young folk we are led to believe).

Therefore, we urge all parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances and cohorts of any known (or not) unblemished no-tails, (irrespective of age, race, creed, cooking-ability etc.) to attend the soon to be announced Masonic gatherings, accompanied by same.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Note: We would like to thank ourselves for allowing whippersnapper colonial upstarts The Whte Strpes to close a series of performances for us in the early part of this century, during their maiden voyage to This Great Country Of Ours. (Crumbs! etc.)

Ludella Black was an original member of legendary Medway garage band The Del-Monas, after that she became a Headcoatee along with her friends Holly Golightly, Kyra Rubella and ‘Bongo’ Debbie.

Since the demise of Thee Headcoatees in 1999 she has released three solo albums (two on Damaged Goods 2000’s ‘She’s Out There’) and plays live with The Masonics regularly and appeared on loads of singles and albums with them too.